The end of Mass Appeal

Adrian Moeller, publisher of Mass Appeal magazine, confirmed yesterday that the hip-hop lifestyle mag is shutting down. "After 12 years of publishing Mass Appeal Magazine we've decided to call it quits on the print edition," he writes "We're putting our resources into our faster growing properties, Missbehave Magazine and Colossal Media. We're in talks to sell Mass Appeal, and it may resume publishing in the future. We'll continue the website and special event productions."

This is a big disappointment to me, as the magazine seemed to have picked up the pace lately with new art direction, and a stronger online presence. Hopefully they pull through this one but in the meantime, come support their sister mag, Missbehave, this Thursday at BLVD. Music by Rok One (The Bangers), JD Samson (Men & U.N.I.T.Y), Runaways & Lauren Flax (IHeartComix & U.N.I.T.Y) RSVP here.

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