Colette to Pop Up in NYC

Colette, the world-famous French boutique filled with a surplus of exclusive products you can almost never get your hands on, is opening a pop-up shop in NYC the end of this summer. Starting on September 5 and lasting one month, Colette will open it's doors on 54th Street to it's culture-crazed customers. I must admit, this location doesn't seem the best place for a store that sells design books, short run t-shirt lines and tote bags but I'm sure the downtown kids will line up anyway.


MELISSA said...

i'm happy that this is going to be close to my office. now when i get paid i'll have a true destination to spend ALL my money.

vive l'acheter!

Amanda said...

true, i don't care how inconvenient it is (my office might be moving to soho soon) i will be making the trip- even if it means sacrificing my lunch break!