Love Brigade

Triangles, avant-garde cuts, and metallic purple make up the "SESEN IV" Spring 2008 collection. Inspired by the ancient pyramids, the optimistic Egyptians and rave culture, Love Brigade has created a sophisticated collection for the post-modern world. Love Brigade, conceived in London, UK in the Spring of 2005, is a "musically-charged" fashion label which represents the ideal of a fashion, music, and love co-existence. Each season, they use a formula to design their collections: one part trend and one part music inspiration. They combine these two elements and create a story by which to design. Love Brigade takes pride in the fact that everything with their name on it is manufactured in New York City. Their store in Williamsburg only sells pieces from local and independent designers- yet another reason to stop by soon! If you don't live in the area, check out their newly launched e-commerce site.

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