Rough around the edges

I'm in love with quite a few looks from the Shakuhachi Fall 2008 collection. They have that rebel girl twist, and the socks over the tights somehow work for me. I also have little boots just like those so it's gotten my mind wondering of other ways to wear them.

Institubes Paris Terror Club @ Santo's Tonight

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Ebay Find: Preen Sweatshirt Top

Preen is a British label that makes some really nice garments with interesting forms and shapes. This top has short bat wing openings, which gives it a unique silhouette, a boatneck, and black abstract fishnet print. It's a size XS but the measurements look more like a generous small- depending on how slouchy you want the fit to be. Buy it now for $178.

The Black Bag

Like the "little black dress", many girls also have a staple black bag in their wardrobe. For the longest time, I sadly did not. I searched high and low, and settled for the-shorter-life-span-than-a-gold-fish American Apparel or H&M versions over the years, but could never find that bag that would be the ONE. Labels didn't matter to me. Instead, it had to have a few qualities to fit the bill: leather, big but not huge (I've found that's a fine line in the handbag world), and a classic shape with no or few embellishments.

I was finally ready to just explore the shadows of Canal Street and follow one of those hustlers to whatever glorious pile of fakes they had to show me, but I never got that far. The Oak Sample Sale was calling my name Monday- I knew there wouldn't be a whole lot left since it was the last day of the sale, but something told me to go anyway. I tried on a few things that didn't work out and was ready to leave until a black bag caught my eye. I had seen it before earlier in the season but couldn't afford it...until now. Talking the salesgirl down from its already discounted pricetag (never hurts to try), I walked out with a great bag by Boyy and paid less than 25% of its original price. It's leather AND big AND basic- I win!

Asos Sale

There are some good deals to be found!

Global Street Style, July

Tokyo, via TheVagabondSet

Turku, via Face Hunter

Munich, via Styleclicker

Barcelona, via Appeal To The Eye

NYC, via StyleSightings

Moscow, via Look at Me

Gothenburg, via Face Hunter

Avant Garde Vintage Romper

Usually you don't see "avant garde" next to "romper", do you? Most rompers/playsuits tend to be of the classic 80s variety with more of a focus on the retro color or pattern than the overall design. Surfing ebay, I came across this gem- a vintage black high-waisted romper with huge tuxedo ruffles and puffy sleeves. If you can see yourself running around town in this, the listing ends in 3 days so get to bidding!

Iris van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen is a designer from the Netherlands. The first three photos are from her most recent collection, "Chemical Crows". All wings and garments are created from gold-brass, leather and hair. Her previous collections, "Machine Jewelery" (picture 4) and "Fragile Futurity" also consist of mainly leather and hair. Most of her designs are not engineered for everyday use. I'm really glad to see a designer creating pieces for the aesthetic value, not solely working under the pressure of practicality.

MANIC Tonight

Special guest: Jimmy Edgar! Open Svedka Bar 10:30-11:30pm.

Trophy Bar
351 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
J/M/Z to Marcy Ave
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Oak Sample Sale Extended

Today's your last day to score some deals.

Potipoti Autumn/Winter 2008

So you're probably sitting in the AC right now contemplating leaving work early to enjoy the late sunny afternoon. The last thing on your mind is piling on layers of sweaters and boots but the time is upon us to start thinking about our fall wardrobes. For Potipoti's latest collection, Totem, there is a bit of folklore and imagination, with colorful graphics inspired by Native American paintings on wood. Operating out of their Berlin studio, the designers behind the label create art, product designs and fashion that is always whimsical yet wearable.

Land Sharks

These are Cassette Playa for S***R, the best collaboration they did this season. We're deep into summer- get your shark attack on before it's too late! Your feet will thank you for the prowl.


I just got back from a much-needed vacation in Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC. My boyfriend grew up there, living the laid-back surfer lifestyle at the beach. While down south, I was lucky to catch a lot of rays brah. The ocean was amazing, and even more amazing this awesome watch John surprised me with when I came out of the water. The classic Shark Freestyle watch is back and I'm psyched to own one! There are a lot of radical colorways available and these things can take a beating so scoop one up if you're feelin it.

Gen Art: Shop NYC

This Wednesday night, Gen Art will host a shopping event at the 30,000 sq ft Metropolitan Pavilion. The event will showcase the wares from 60+ emerging designers who will be selling their Spring/Summer collections at discounted prices. For more info and to purchase tickets, check out the site here. As an added incentive, all ticket-buyers will be entered for a chance to win one of 3 designer items, including this awesome Bijules curved bar ring valued at $209.

Hellz Bellz Sample Sale

I think "sale" is my favorite word right now! I have my eye on a few Hellz Bellz gems so I'll probably check this out.


Ah, the patriotic colors of red, white and black. This Fall '08 collection from D-Squared is total bitch. Red lipstick and leather gloves have been known to kill and I suspect they will run rampant come that autumn chill. Who said you should wash the blood off your hands?