Jann Wong: Untitled #1

Hailing from New Zealand, emerging designer Jann Wong’s debut collection "Untitled #1" for A/W 2008 fuses the designer's love of modern draping with the silhouette. Her collection brings me back to the height of my "raver days" when all I wore were clothes that were asymmetrical or high-tech in some way. This collection, however, is way more sophisticated and wearable than some of the Canadian brands I sported back in the early millenium. Experimental in style, but highly functional in detailing and fabrications, Jann's pieces can be adjusted to be worn various ways which is a great bonus to an already beautifully-crafted collection.

Untitled #1 from Jann Wong is available at General Cucumber


Volvox said...

This collection reminds me of all those classic tech-raver designs crossed with a pair of UFO's
The 16 year old in me loves this!

Amanda said...

i agree- that's why i love it too!