cheap medicine

Lately, I've been thrifty with my shopping habits, particularly because we are about to move into a new season and I want to save my dough for some things on my wish list. So I've begun to take a closer look at mall chains and forever-teen stores in hopes of finding some cool deals. I had honestly forgotten about Charlotte Russe, probably because I don't go to malls since I haven't lived in the suburbs for ages. So I took a refresher course and was surprised to find quite a few things I liked. This side zip jacket is very Rick Owens, and it's only $22.99!

I poked around and was amped to see there are lots of tops, bottoms, and shoes with zippered detailing(which I'm a sucker for), and done tastefully for the most part. I spied some Luella and Alexander Wang inspired pieces as well, which is news in itself. Here's a sampling of what's up for grabs.

Not bad, right?

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