Easy Breezy

Ok, I stole that line from Cover Girl but it's most appropriate for this post. I've been thinking way too much lately about fall shopping, even though we still have many sticky weeks of summer left. But in the fashion world, the seasons start earlier and you have to be prepared. I stopped by Pixie Market's online store (unfortunately been way to busy to stop by the physical one) and saw there's already some arrivals for next season. Perhaps it's because it's still hot out and I like the breeze to travel through my clothes, but I'm really feeling these two tops. Both look really lightweight and comfortable, allowing your body to breathe a bit. They are also extremely versatile— I see either working with little else or layered up a bit for when the leaves start changing colors. It really makes me confused about which season is more fun wardrobe-wise, because these days, you can rework the same stuff all year round and it looks just as cute.

Tank Dress by Supersocial

Cape Tee by Rekiem


MELISSA said...

i personally prefer cooler weather because i love layering things with jackets!!

Amanda said...

i like that too. But then I miss bare legs sometimes when it's too cold to wear a dress or skirt.