I discovered Reborn thanks to Susie Bubble, and I immediately posted it to my bookmarks. They are a boutique based in Montreal, and have picked out some of the most talented designers of the "nouveau avant-garde" category to feature in their shop. All the things that I find makes some of the most interesting garments are there: the asymmetrical cuts, full-length zippers, quirky snaps, draping, and folds that make a piece more than a basic. They are in the midst of a sale right now, and there are some really unique dresses in particular that might be good for say NYC Fashion Week? I'm still working my angles, but fingers are crossed.

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jen said...

Maybe I'll see you there! Let me know what shows you're going to.
BTW Reborn are so great, I mean, anyone that carries Surface To Air is a-ok with me but they definitely have some amazing pieces.