A Closer Look at COMME des GARCONS for H&M

So in less than a month and a half, there will be lines wrapped around the block for the CDC x H&M collection. It seems like a lot of Rei's fans are on the fence about whether they will line up to grab a thing or ten, mainly because some prices were recently announced and they aren't exactly in the normal disposable H&M range. This made me reconsider too until I saw the coats. The COATS. They are pretty amazing, and considering CDC would normally be in the thousands for some of these pieces, I don't think a couple hundred or so is bad, unless the quality is crap, which if Rei did her job, it won't be.

Other than the coats, the polka dot shoes, bag, and wallet won me over, as well as some of these other pieces I put together below like that uneven skirt (wow!). I picked out some of the men's stuff too cause I would wear a lot of it as well.

Check out the more of the collection here.


MELISSA said...

CDG is one of my favorites. i must take a vacation day to hit this shit up.

Christina said...

Which H&M in the city?

Amanda said...

here are the locations it will be sold in the US (4 in nyc!!):


sounditout said...

thanks soooo much!