It's Officially Fall

Today marks the first day of fall for the Northern hemisphere. I clicked over to Urban Outfitters to mark the occasion and see what I might consider picking up for the change of seasons. I like this idea for an outfit—both pieces by Silence and Noise. The poncho top is a look I think could be achieved by an oversize flannel but this one is nice because it's a purple plaid and it's got snaps on the sides. The leggings are rad and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of this wet/coated/pvc type look this season. The Sass & Bide ones rock my world but they are retarded expensive for leggings, even though they do sort of cross over into pants territory. I have a cheap pair I bought in the spring but they are kind of looking weathered so I think I'll pick up this pair for $38. For shoes, any kind of black chunky heel or ankle boot would look hot with this outfit.

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