Petit Mal Is The New Vogue

Being a graphic designer and fashion addict, I appreciate anything that allows me to feed both of my consumption habits at once. This is why my magazine collection is so large that they are literally falling off my bookcase. Needless to say, I am always hungry for more fantastic layouts and inspiring fashion stories to add to my stacks. I just preordered the second issue of Petit Mal!, a fashion/comic zine of sorts that is designed by Australian collective TRU$T FUN. They poke fun at the world of fashion (because we all take it too seriously) and reinterpret backstage snapshots, runway looks, and superstar designers into high-impact comic art. It's almost visual overload with all the 3d type and zany mind's eye kind of graphics, but I find it all super inspiring. Here's some images from the first issue:

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