Such a precious Jewel

My prince has done it again. Of course the most highly anticipated collection of the week was a banger. It started (gasp) on time, and with Gershwin's "Rhaspody in Blue" playing in the background, Marc Jacobs sent 53 shimmery, jewel-toned creations down the runway. With an eclectic mix of 1940's secretary/asian/jazz, the main focus was the waist. Jacobs wrapped his ladies tightly in multicolored sashes or elaborate leather corset belts. With a mixture of textures and prints, the highly stylized collection featured metallic brocades, polka dots, tweed, leopard prints, stripes and butterfies. Head to toe — great detail was paid to hats, sexy shoes, tapestry bags and jewelry. Marc really knows how to set the trend and provide women with a truly unique and classy sense of style. (I just wish my bank account agreed)

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