Twice the magic

Two of my favorite LES shops are teaming up for another sample sale. Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it on friday, so im crossing my fingers that there will still be some jems saved for me on saturday afternoon...

Honey In The Rough Specials:
50%-75% Off Dresses, Jewelry, Belts, Shoes and Bags
Designers Include: Alice McCall, Tsumori Chisato, Mociun, Emma Cook, Samantha Pleet, United Bamboo and Many More...

Narnia Specials:
All 1940 to 1990's Vintage - $20 to $40
All 1890's to 1930's vintage - $40 to $80
Society for Rational Dress sandals - $200
Dresses, sweaters, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, coats, capes, handbags, belts, sandals, shoes and boots on sale!

Where: 157 Rivington St., NY, NY, 10002
Dates: Friday and Saturday 9/26/08-9/27/08
Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm Both Days
via Honey in the Rough

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