Swedish Fashion: Weekday & Monki

When I went to Sweden, I fell in love with two stores that we don't have here in the US: Monki and Weekday. Both were previously owned by a private Swedish fashion company that also design some of their own brands, including Cheap Monday. In March, the company was acquired by H&M which makes a lot of sense since they share the same business model: cool fashion at good prices. "We have been impressed by Fabric Scandinavien’s development for a long time and we see a potential to develop stores and concepts in other markets," says H&M Ceo Rolf Eriksen. This means there's hope that we could see a Monki or Weekday store stateside...maybe? At any rate, I like where MTWTFSS, Weekday's own line, is going with their fall collection(first 2 images). Think lots of black and neutrals, with interesting cuts and forms. Monki (bottom 2) is right on the money too.

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