So my knitted dookie chains came in the mail this week from my flickr pal Yokoo and I couldn't wait to wear it. I got a black one and an avocado green one. I've already gotten tons of compliments/weird stares from it but I think it's awesome. She makes a lot of other great knitted accessories too— the lady has skills. Last winter I got this huge chunky scarf from her that I can hide my whole face it when the weather gets gnarly. It's like those ones Gile's Deacon put down the runway last year, except way more wearable (and affordable). Check out her flickr feed and purchase some of her cozy stuff at her etsy store.


Samantha Smikle said...

i did notice that! this other blogger has one too (white lighting) love it! It was so nice seeing you!

Amanda said...

yeah i was a little excited about all the parties. we'll have to meet up and talk more next time!