Jenny Yuen

Jenny Yuen is a handbag designer based here in NYC that I've had the pleasure of meeting through my friend Susan, who art directs and designs her lookbook each season. Jenny's bags are stunning—especially in person, and reflect her love of both the arts and fashion. Her inspiration includes the glamorous vintage train-cases and suitcases of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. While exuding sophistication, her creations also have a whimsical element seen on some of the bags' playful motifs of silk-screened hand-drawn illustrations. For the fall, Susan and Jenny came up with a beautiful lookbook that fuses part Fiona Apple's "Criminal" with the narrative style of David Lynch shot in a sun-drenched classic hotel room. They also did a video to accompany the lookbook which includes beautiful timelapse views of the NYC skyline to help set the mood.

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Annie said...

I ♥ those photos.