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After reading Amanda's post on Spacelite Vintage, I needed to know more about this collection, so here is a brief interview I did with Dechel Mckillian, the mastermind behind Spacelite Vintage.


IM: Where did you grow up?
DM: I have lived in the Los Angeles area all of my life!

IM: Give us a brief history of your design career
DM: I have always had a fascination with fashion, but I wouldn't call myself a designer. When I was in high school I flirted with the idea. My best friend and I would create fashion sketchbooks, design bedazzled bandanas, t-shirts, and skirts, and we even had a fictional clothing line. However my dream of becoming a doctor outweighed the designer and I went to UCLA as a pre-med student. At UCLA I majored in Psychobiology and loved it! But after trying different hands-on programs at the local hospitals, I realized that the lifestyle of a doctor was not for me.While at UCLA, I also worked part-time at a small boutique where I started off as a Sales Associate and worked my way up to a Buyer and Visual Merchandiser.That's when I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. After I graduated from UCLA, I began to explore the idea of starting my own business. With a passion for thrift shopping, over the years I had accumulated a large collection of vintage dresses, coats, and accessories. Instead of giving away unwanted clothes, I decided to combine my love for fashion, styling and photography to launch an online vintage store. I styled and photographed my two best friends wearing the vintage finds and the rest is Spacelite history.

Early Spacelite Vintage

IM: How many collections have you put together under Spacelite Vintage?
DM: Prior to the New High (M)art, I had not put together a collection per say. The pieces on the website were highly inspired by the 80s and early 90s, which reflected my love for neon colors and geometric shapes. When my best friend and I were approached to guest curate an installation for the New High (M)art, we conceived a thematic moment, which we identified as "Futuristic Warrior". We were blown away by the hedonistic superhero inspired looks that were hitting the runway from YSL, Balenciaga, and others. This gave me the opportunity to develop an actual collection for Spacelite Vintage, which was in line with the futuristic warrior theme. I shopped, styled, and photographed the looks as I pictured a futuristic warrior wearing Spacelite Vintage would!

Exclusive Pics of the new looks for New High(M)art

IM: Besides your website and the New High(M)art, do you sell anywhere else?
DM: As of now, the website and the New High(M)art are the only two places you can find Spacelite Vintage, but I would love to expand the brand to other stores!


With such a sharp eye for trends and unique fashion pieces, there is no doubt that we will be seeing more of Spacelite in the future! Keep in mind that Spacelite Vintage pieces are one of a kind—if you see something you like, dont hesitate because it might not be there tomorrow!


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