Topshop window shopping

Wow, people literally didn't sleep for the Kate Moss Christmas collection that dropped today. It sold out in less than 15 minutes at the Oxford Street store in London—not that that's a surprise or anything. I'm just bummed that the only thing I had my eye on really, the tiger dress, is gone and with it visions of wearing it for the holidays! I took a look around though, and there are plenty of other things I found to get my fix until the Topshop store opens here in NY, if it ever will (spring 09 now they're saying?). I'm focusing my browsing/buying now mainly on tops/dresses because I feel like I have enough bottoms for the season already.

These two tops cater to my love of quirky/creepy things. This drop armhole eye-print tank is meant for me—I get more compliments on my eyes than anything else. I also saw this spider chain dress by D.I.P. which is AHmazing. It is grey silk with metal chain detailing on the shoulder in the shape of spider webs.

I was excited to see Ashish has done some pieces for Topshop. Each one is made of sequins. My favorite is this long jumper with various colored panels. It's very Ringling Bros. meets the Grammies. The deep V back makes it ten times better, and more dressy—if you didn't think sequins did that already. Of course this much sparkle comes with a pricetag.

These two tops deal with my love of contrast on garments—mixing fabric and textures tends to lead to interesting designs. Sheer/meshy fabrics have been catching my eye lately. This chiffon tee is pretty awesome because of the cotton jersey panel at the bottom that adds a lot more interest. The "chainmail" tee on the right has a similar aesthetic with the contrast materials on a basic tee shape. This one is a little longer though—I wonder if it would feel heavy?

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