Camper Together x Bernhard Willhelm

I'm surprised at myself for not investigating further upon seeing Bernhard Willhelm's Spring 09 collection shown in Paris early last month, and being quite intrigued by what I called "pretzel sandals." Now I know they are part of a collaboration with Camper called Camper Together. Willhelm created a line of shoes for the brand consisting of sandals, clogs, and slippers for men and women that will debut in the spring. Camper is known for sticking to their Spanish roots and blending design with comfort and quality—which strangely fits perfectly with the quirky, German designer Bernhard Willhelm.

via Neo2


yui said...

SHIT!!! can't believe i didnt know about this!!! thankyouthankyou this makes me as excited as the jeremy x adidas thing did

Amanda said...

no prob! i heard they might be pricey but i'll have to see them in person and try on to make a decision. from the photos i'm sold on the pretzel-esque ones as long as they don't slide around too much. i guess i'll have to wait till spring to see!