Canal Zone

Canal Zone is the title of Richard Prince's current exhibition up now at Gagosian Gallery in NYC. Having grown up in the Panama Canal Zone, Prince turned to his own roots for inspiration to create these works, transforming the former reality of his birthplace into a fictive space where "fleshy female pin-ups, Rastafarians with massive dreadlocks, electric guitars, and virile black bodies run riot."

I've always been attracted to this type of collage technique, especially when it incorporates the use of human forms. To create the paintings, Prince printed some of the images directly onto the canvas, while others were roughly cut out and painted on with a squeegee, which is where the excess paint around the figures comes from. I'm going to try and see all the work in person, because this is the kind of stuff that deserves a closer look to really appreciate the process that goes into it.

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SOS! said...

I wish I was in NY, would love to go to that exhibition.