Helmut Lang: Never Ever After

Helmut Lang has had a huge influence over the fashion world the past few decades, especially in the late nineties which marked his shining moment. Once a driving force of minimalism, he has turned his attention now to two and three dimensional art since his departure from fashion nearly four years ago. This past August he shared his first institutional solo art exhibit in Hanover, Germany's Kestnergesellschaft gallery entitled Alles Gleich Schwer in collaboration with ABSOLUT. Accompanying the exhibit is an online presentation of the work, where you can also download this high-res personalized poster up until December 31. In a matter of seconds you will have a file ready to be printed up to 24"x36" that you can take to any print lab that fulfills digital C prints. Then you can point to it on your wall and tell all your friends it's a Helmut Lang.

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