Let the games begin

I went to the Opening Ceremony sale last year and it was craaaaazy. All I can remember is a sweaty hip crowd running around in a daze, looking for people's leftovers or correct shoe size. I imagine the scene will be the same, if not worse, this weekend so don't go last minute if you want to find the good stuff! Expect to see 70-90% off goods from Proenza Schouler, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, Topshop, Emma Cook, Fred Perry, Acne, Bless and tons more amazing designers.


Anonymous said...

wish i was in new york
wowowowwo alexander wang!


Ian Brown said...

Huge fan of Opening Ceremony. I haven't been since the Olympics marathon party so I guess missed all the japanese gear the blurb talks about. Boooo

Amanda said...

i'm sort of afraid for myself of going to this (the damage i'll do). and i can't afford much damage!