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Browsing Kabiri today, I came across Maria Francesca Pepe's pieces who I posted about back in August. I decided to see if she had any updates on her site, and I was delighted to see a full catalogue of her Fall 08/09 collection up which I am 100% in love with (Santa, are you listening?). Her vision is one in which I very much relate, seeing jewelry's potential to be center stage as opposed to in the choir (sorry for the Broadway-esque metaphors). These are some of my faves from the fall collection:

Her newest collection for spring entitled Art-Brut 09 takes it even further, incorporating jewelry as handles, collars, pockets or buttons, where the decoration becomes functional and vice versa. This is Pepe's first experiment merging her signature jewelry to womenswear and accessories, and her innovative use of materials and shapes proves that she is an all-around amazing designer.

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yui said...

i really like this stuff