Never forgotten

There are often shoes that come down the runway that years later are still not forgotten. The Balenciaga Harness boots from Fall 2006 are the perfect example. Whether it be fashion bloggers making the case for why they are so coveted or the complete opposite, or regular sightings of MK trudging around town in them, I've taken notice. Unfortunately they are long gone, and there's been no sign of them on ebay in awhile either, but if you are a size 36 and have $2,695 to cough up, they could be yours.


etoilee8 said...

I've always thought they were okay on her, a little big for such a tiny frame. But I always knew on me they'd look like hoofs. I'd look like a pudgy goat!

Amanda said...

yeah it's a look not everyone can get into. for some reason, i've been more attracted to the overly chunky shoes lately...even though they aren't the most practical, i like the added height and "weight" they bring to an outfit