Party mode

Sequins are no longer just holiday or prom attire like they were in decades past (not that that needs to be pointed out for most of you)...I actually own silver sequins vans-esque slip ons that always get me plenty of MJ/moonwalking comments but they are pretty rad in my opinion. I spotted this Nicholas Morley iridescent sequin skirt at one of my fave shops, Pixie Market, and although it would be perfect for say a NYE bash, it would look equally amazing in the summer with a white tee. I am a sucker for skirts and dresses with pockets so that is major bonus points.


Ian Brown said...

Pretty skirt, but ever since I was nearly blinded by a pair of gold Dior lace-ups, while walking across Union Square, I've been convinced reflective materials work best during the evening.

Amanda said...

haha yeah i guess they can do that