She's got legs

"They make your ass look like a ripe juicy peach," says designer Judi Rosen of the high-waisted jeans she is best known for. Rosen designs emphatically for women with big butts and little waists, a blessing/problem a lot of girls can relate to. One of my friends swears by them and I don't blame her—they really do wonders for her petite figure. I've been meaning to try on a pair for awhile now but since her Nolita storefront, The Good the Bad & the Ugly, closed this summer, I haven't seen any in person since they are mainly only available online. Then a newsletter from Cultist Shop arrived in my inbox today announcing new styles from Judi and I was immediately drawn to the Peg Leg Pant. In black, they look very slimming and sexy, plus the slits on the side will satisfy my desire for unique detailing.

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