December 19, 2008

UO Loft Sale

Hey NYC kids: Urban Outfitters is having a "loft sale" upstairs in their Soho outpost beginning saturday until Jan 4. I checked this out last year and stuff was pretty cheap. Danae got a pair of Swears for $20 and there were a lot of things in general around $10 if I remember correctly, so worth checking out for last-minute gifts or yourself.


Samantha Smikle said...

so excited for this and the opnening ceremony one! probably have enough pennies just for the urban one though! hahha

Amanda said...

i know! i read on racked that there wasn't much cheap stuff at the opening ceremony one so i'll prob stop by UO tomorrow..

Amanda said...

FYI this sale is kind of bs overall. it wasn't at ALL like the one they had last year which was much more of a bargain. stuff overall wasn't that cheap for urban..a lot of $10/$20 racks but stuff i wouldn't even pay that much for in the first place. of course if you are in the area, can't hurt to look, some cute home stuff for sale. i saw some bleached jeans for $10 that were cool but not many sizes left.