Acne FW09

Stockholm Fashion Week has started and Acne has set the bar pretty high. I'm always really excited to see all the designers shown in Stockholm because their work is always so relevant to what people actually wear on the street there—which translates to what I would like to be wearing! I was pretty blown away by Acne's very eclectic but modern 60s-inspired women's collection. Twiggy would have been proud. It wasn't just the hair (I kind of like the 50/50 brunette & blonde hairdo), but the sofa tapestry fabrics, mod plastic pants, and AHmazing space wedges that I would die for.

The whole collection comes off as such a breath of fresh air to me. I'm also super impressed by the attention to detail, mainly the lollipop-sized rings and giant wrist cuffs that caught my eye. These were the result of a collaboration with German jewelry designer Michael Zobel, a father of one of the Acne designers. The sculptural quality is incredible and was icing on the cake of a pretty fabulous collection.

images via Fashion Week by Burns + Stylesightings


KATLIN said...

Drooling over the skirt + jewelry... so good.

A La Mode said...

I would die for those shoes!

fawn lust said...

seriously, those shoes are insane!