Are we there yet?

I'm talking about summer. Seeing shoes like these results in a long, wishful sigh. They are from Nine West. That means they aren't like $1200! I love the abundance of straps and slits—enough to keep your feet in place but still let them breathe when it's 97ยบ.


Yoshi said...

Very Givenchy!

Leila said...

Girl, those are sick! They totally remind of of Mugler or even Carvalho. I may just have to copy you. Is that an issue? Here, have a coupon code for $10 off Nine West: NWFALLV8

Valid til end of Feb!


Amanda said...

not an issue leila! thanks for the coupon code. that's cool i have time then to pre-order if i decide to go for them. they ARE 5" high though but maybe i just have to remind myself that hookers walk on shoes that high all day every day.