At the drop of a dime

DROP™ (aka dropsnap) has quickly become one of my fave go-to sites for streetstyle inspiration. I always find outfits I want to mimic (or at least attempt with what I've got), and since they update a lot, I always find awesome new ideas to brighten my day. Here's a few recent ones I love. One thing I envy about girls in Tokyo—and I've probably said this before—is that they really have their layering game down!


FOXYMAN said...

First outfit is fabulous love that tiger dress thing

Samantha Smikle said...

i love this! thanks for putting us onto it! and speaking of street style sites guess who i met at capsule yesterday! the editor/creator of street peeper! :)
hope ure well, amanda!

Amanda said...

of course. it is my duty to pass on my addictions! that's awesome you met the guy behind streetpeeper..another great site. i was supposed to go to capsule but had a freelance job. i think danae was there yesterday though!