Barney's Sale

Barney's is having a HUGE after-holiday sale! I'm clutching my wallet tight these days as funds are exceedingly low, but this is just mean! Pure torture. Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Prada—killing me.

Philip Lim 3.1 was $625 now $159

Stella McCartney was $845 now $209

Givenchy shopper was $1,625 now $649

Don't even get me started on the shoes. (tear) Oh, and to top it all off—free ground shipping at Happy shopping!


Ian Brown said...

These prices are crazy and its not even February yet! What's the warehouse sale going to be like? I'm turning a blind eye to this. Sales like this make me poor.

Anonymous said...

Those prices are insania!I'm glad I'm an Atlantic ocean away from that Barney's!

Love your blog :)

A La Mode said...

Do they ship to the UK?