Demeulemeester Draped Dress

Some good things pop up now and again when you are searching for your fave designers on ebay. I spotted this Ann Demeulemeester dress/shirt number (I think from Spring 06?) that starts at a fairly low bid. I love that you can pull and wrap those buttoned straps in different ways to change the way it lays on the body. Plus, the loose fabric leaves plenty of potential for layering, although with that open back I think nothing underneath would look hot. It's a size 38 or 0/2 if you are considering acquiring this for your wardrobe.


PUG and PIPS said...

such a reasonable starting bid. Hopefully it stays that way... thanks for sharing x x x

A La Mode said...

Oh god, it's awesome!
Thanks for sharing! LOVE Demeulemeester xx

Denise : NYLON 87 said...

This is my first visit here.

And I luv your blog!
Very high fashion, very chic~!

Amanda said...

thank you denise!