Esther Perbandt

I came across Berlin-based fashion designer Esther Perbandt while browsing german webshop Styleserver. She has a unique aesthetic that is undeniably influenced by the progressive culture of Berlin. It has to be one of my favorite cities in the world because something about the creative output of that place (especially the music and fashion) is always so refreshing and modern.

Esther's spring collection, appropriately titled Wildly Structured, used a strict palette of black, white, gray, and a fluorescent pinky orange—pretty much my favorite colors to wear. Her pieces explore a boyish female individual who isn't afraid to take risks. In addition to clothes, Esther also produces a handbag line that makes quite a statement on their own. I can only imagine how my fingers would tingle if I could touch one of those coin purse bags in person. I'm hoping to make it over the ocean to Berlin this year, and I will def be making a point to stop by her shop in Mitte.


misha said...

you always find such interesting collections. i like the tights a lot.
oh, i've tagged you:

Leila said...

Whoa. Those tights are amazing. It makes me want to take scissors to my nylons...I love that vinyl bag too.

Amanda said...

yeah i'm feeling the tights too. taking the ripped thing to another level! misha- thanks! i'll have to look into this tagging!