Fringe attack

When you are lying asleep at night thinking of DIY projects you can do to make something new to wear, you know you are a bit obsessed. It's definitely got a lot to do with my lack of funds, and it's one of my new year's resolutions anyway, so it's time to get crafty. Something that has been on my mind most is fringe-related projects, due in part to my new fave blog Bleach Black, who has posted quite a few how-tos on the topic, like this fringe vest. Coincidentally, I came across SYS's post on Brazilian designer Amonstro this morning and fell in love with the flapper-fringed top on the right. A trip to the trimmings store and the acquiring of my grandmother's old sewing machine at my parent's house will have me on my way to making something similar.

While I'm on the fringe kick, I found this cute beaded fringe tank (left) on F21, and since I have plenty of black hanes tops begging me to take scissors to them so I'll be attempting this one too. I will post my results in due time!

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