Jen Brill on Altamira

Style icon and Terry Richardson's girl, Jen Brill, has it goin on. Craig at Altamira snapped a picture of her today looking hot as usual in a D&G fur coat. Here's a quote from a recent interview with Jen in Jalouse:

“People talk to me about fashion as if it were something of a vital importance. I just like wearing quality goods with a real history behind them.” But does she not feel constantly observed, being such a style icon? “New York is very different to Paris. Over there, there is a real fashion capital city feel to it, with big couture houses etc. Here, everything is much more public. You can end up in a magazine one day just for having been well dressed to a party. The next day, somebody else is criticising that same outfit really badly. If you waste time listening to all of this, you will just end up walking round naked to not be criticised.” For her, fashion is far from being an addiction: “The only things I am addicted to are coffee and cigarettes.”

via Altamira

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