Heavy Duty

I love both these looks spotted in London and Tokyo respectively. Both combine beautiful draping set off with some badass chunky boots. I tend to swoon over outfits that work the contrast factor, but don't rely on color to do it.

images via Face Hunter and DROP

Day and Night

Costume National is one of those labels I sometimes forget to keep up with, and then I'm hit in the face with this kind of awesomeness.

The man behind it all, Ennio Capasa, describes his thoughts behind the fall collection: "The Plug Generation's pleasent plundering of the 80s. Innocent unawareness. Their eyes erase the boundaries between day and night, disco and street, lights and colours. Urban bikers sit well on the present and launch into the future like a spark."


Going Crosstown

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Crosstown" Jacket

Black and Blue

You may have these these Minimarket wedges in black floating around the fashion blogosphere (at least the Sweden-based ones) but I had no idea they came in blue! I know you'd see me walking from a mile away in these things, but the blue is actually kind of refreshing. If the stars align, I'd get them and maybe pair them with these black Acne skinnies.

Bored to Death

Obesity and Speed has killed it again for fall with their Bored to Death collection. My go-to palette of gray and black is in full effect with some amazing tees and dresses. The "Wasted Effort" shirt shows the world how frustrated you are with a back that is fully shredded. This one will be mine.

Nothing to hide

Seven hosted a party for Pleasure Principle's FW09 video presentation a few weeks ago, but it fell on V day so I ended up hangin out with the man instead. Diane posted some of the looks though and I'm sold on this cage dress. Check out the full videos here.

Doo me

Some of the most interesting accessories during NYFW came from Doo Ri in the form of hairy handbags. I find them strangely sexy in a way.

Stand Witness

Melissa is awesome.
Please note: no real Louis bags were harmed in this making of this photo.

Jeremy Scott Party Tonight!

I'll be there with my best one-legged pants. See ya there!

Molten lava

If you keep up with this blog, you'll know I'm obsessed with Maria Francesca Pepe's jewelry creations, especially her oversized chunky necklaces from the past few seasons. While it's not quite the showstopper, this French Connection piece at Asos would be a nice consolation prize though at 40 bones!


Last weekend a couple of friends and I spent the afternoon gallery hopping in Chelsea. While walking down 11th ave (between 21st and 22nd st), I noticed a tiny opening in a cement wall. We crouched down and entered the dimly lit space. It was actually an art gallery filled with beautiful black and white photos of gothic yet serene ladies, all from Chadwick Tyler's Tiberius show at Honey Space. It was such an afternoon treat to stumble upon this, and is definately worth checking out. The show runs until mid March.

More info at www.honey-space.com

Fashion Delight

I may move to Germany after all. This new magazine MIRAGE focuses on swimwear & other "jetset pleasures", but let's face it- who's this interested in swimwear?! Not I. The design looks amazing a la (hero) Patrick Li, and the images are sexy and soft like Camilla Akrans...so no matter how far up in the $20's this thing is, I'll gladly (and stupidly) buy an issue for the never ending bookshelf...mmm.

Keep it away from your eyes

These little dresses from Marios Schwab's show are so hot. I think this has to be one of my favorite prints I've seen from all the shows. It makes me wish it was 4th of July tomorrow.

The living dead

I love some zombie references any day. Ann-Sofie Back no doubt spooked the crowd when these chics came around the corner. The show was based on horror movies like Poltergeist and Carrie evidenced by the tiaras and dream catchers. This is one of those collections where you really have to look past the styling, and you'll see a fun collection that can actually be incorporated into everyday looks.

Priti Blue

This past weekend I finally got around to using my gift certificate to Priti Spa in the east village. Unlike the other 5 billion nail salons in NYC, apart from not looking at ALL like them, Priti also does not smell like chemicals either. This is because the spa is 100% organic and Priti polishes are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and all that other nasty junk. After staring at their endless wall of colors, I chose this royal blue named after a flower called Bachelors Button. You can buy the polishes at other retailers as well and online, but if you are going to be in NY anytime soon, I recommend treating yourself to a Priti mani/pedi!

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Fall 09

This time around, Chloe payed homage to one of her favorite designers, Miguel Adrover and threw in dashes of what she called "gay lumberjack" for good measure. I wasn't too into the last collection but I'm obsessed with the leopard cardi and all the looks below are on point. Gimme those shoes!!!

images via WWD & Dazed

Staring at the sun

Karen Walker makes some really great shades. Her spring collection called Celebrate Sun is no exception. The lookbook images were shot by Ny-based photographer Derek Kettela with the concept to induce even the most sun phobic (like vampires) to enjoy the rays in these heavy duty sunnies. My fave is this style below called the Derby available at LeeLeeLunettes.

I was ripped off

Jen just informed me of this girl's blog that completely ripped off our Is Mental branding which I designed. Like she actually grabbed the panther graphic I did, ENLARGED IT, and even tried to use a similar typeface too!! WTF? The funny part is, she's a "graphics student." Well guess what missy? I am a graphic designer and I do this for a living so please do not steal my hard work. Make your own damn logo. You're going to school for that right?

London Calling

Richard Nicoll started London fashion week on a beautiful note!...precise tailoring, soft and muted palette, underwear as outerwear, futuristic metals...this collection is a wonderful mix of millenium Barbarella meets "mental asylum chic"...love love love!

Erin Fetherston does "French Clown Doll Chic"

Not sure how I feel about her but the styling's pretty dope...

Topshop Unique FW09

If you're going to call your line "Unique", it better pull from some pretty out there influences, and Topshop did just that for fall. From spaceships and sci-fi, to grunge and rave culture, the layered looks were a remix that was music to my ears. The cowl-hooded sweatshirts and glow-in-the-dark perspex necklaces will probably find their way onto me and I'm beyond excited that I can see this stuff in person come September. Suddenly I have the urge to watch old episodes of My So-Called Life...Rayanne Graff would have totally been into some of these outfits.

Dreaming in color

The print on this silk dress by Tutu Blu really caught my eye—it's bright and colorful, yet kind of haunting up close. The faces actually remind me of Edvard Munch's Scream painting a little bit.

Give your shoulder a rest

Mayle, La Garconne; Margiela, eLuxury; 3.1 Phillip Lim, eLuxury

Light-hearted tough girl

These two looks from Jeremy Laing Fall 09 show much of the stuff I want to be rocking this fall: leather, sheer exposed-seam leggings, and fringe-y pieces. He really did some interesting things with materials and silhouette this season that I'm loving.

images via style.com

saturday shoe fix

These beauties motivated me to get out of bed this morning. Sometimes I need a little motivation fueled by inspiration. (thanks highsnobette)

Dries Van Noten leather and fabric heels. Availiable at Browns.

Everyone but me

The spectacular fork-collecting Daul Kim...you'll be seeing more of this girl here.

Add Imageshot for Daily Projects, Fall 08

Opening Ceremony Worldwide

The rumors have become reality! As of this week, you don't have to be in LA or NYC to get a piece of the Opening Ceremony pie. Each year, a visiting city is represented at Opening Ceremony by capturing the essence of the consumer experience. "Opening Ceremony recreates a shopping excursion based on four different perspectives--established designer (designers that best exemplify the country), emerging designer, one of a kind vintage pieces and select items from the open-air markets."

One of their recent additions from Japan, is the fashion house G.V.G.V. They have some of the most innovative pieces in the store like this ladder waist top I can see looking amazing with any kind of fitted pant. I love how they put a suggestion for shoes with the product images.

These high waist stretch pants are also from G.V.G.V. Having the zippers go from waist to ankle was an epic idea.

I really want this long A. Wang tux vest but I will prob. opt for a cheap look-a-like somewhere.

And here's a cute lace + mini combo skirt that would melt faces paired with a cropped leather bustier.

Lykke Li, Dallas, 2.18.09

by Gorilla vs. Bear