Opening Ceremony Worldwide

The rumors have become reality! As of this week, you don't have to be in LA or NYC to get a piece of the Opening Ceremony pie. Each year, a visiting city is represented at Opening Ceremony by capturing the essence of the consumer experience. "Opening Ceremony recreates a shopping excursion based on four different perspectives--established designer (designers that best exemplify the country), emerging designer, one of a kind vintage pieces and select items from the open-air markets."

One of their recent additions from Japan, is the fashion house G.V.G.V. They have some of the most innovative pieces in the store like this ladder waist top I can see looking amazing with any kind of fitted pant. I love how they put a suggestion for shoes with the product images.

These high waist stretch pants are also from G.V.G.V. Having the zippers go from waist to ankle was an epic idea.

I really want this long A. Wang tux vest but I will prob. opt for a cheap look-a-like somewhere.

And here's a cute lace + mini combo skirt that would melt faces paired with a cropped leather bustier.

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