February 23, 2009

Topshop Unique FW09

If you're going to call your line "Unique", it better pull from some pretty out there influences, and Topshop did just that for fall. From spaceships and sci-fi, to grunge and rave culture, the layered looks were a remix that was music to my ears. The cowl-hooded sweatshirts and glow-in-the-dark perspex necklaces will probably find their way onto me and I'm beyond excited that I can see this stuff in person come September. Suddenly I have the urge to watch old episodes of My So-Called Life...Rayanne Graff would have totally been into some of these outfits.


Vintage Tea said...

I need those sequins pants! The collection was fantastic this season! Up there with the high rollers

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burnthesebones said...

considering how quickly the [nu] rave look blew up and fizzled out i think it's awesome how they progressed the look. so excited about the glow in the dark accessories!

laia. said...

i loved the shoes and thats about it.

Volvox said...

want it all