Walk the walk

G.V.G.V. has been blowing my mine lately. Mug gave us 90s bodycon electric eel madness last season topped off with the brightest lips I've seen in awhile. This season, she wiped away most of the color, but the black we were left still spoke loud and clear. My two favorite looks are so on point and amazing with the shiny panels in the leggings. The epic fur coat totally reminds me of the one Jen Brill rocked at Benjamin Cho last year.

via JFW

Anonymous Agent

During a recent weekend pow-wow, I chatted it up with my pal Jessica, and learned of her awesome new project called Anonymous Agent. Before even seeing her stuff, I knew I was going to be into it. I mean, it's coming from a girl that says: "Eat your vegetables, ride your bike, hug your parents and be polite. Dress however the hell you want." Her crafty rebellion has led to a growing etsy shop of braided mesh necklaces and bracelets, a leather fringe bag that beats all fringe bags, and some fabulous hooded/vest concoctions you can rock year-round. I have the Zia necklace in black and it's already been put into heavy rotation. You can keep up with AA's daily inspirations and new products on the Anonymous Agent blog, and don't forget to check out the shop!

After hours

I'm really feeling this new line of shades from Uslu Airlines called DJS NAILS. Uslu paired up with international djs to design four shades that, as always, are named after airports. My fave is PSG (named after Petersburg James A. Johnson airport in Alaska), designed by BusyP. The shade is like a muted highlighter neon, and it glows in the dark! Ah-mazing.

available at Colette

Tall Tales

I have plans of being atleast 3-5 inches taller this spring. I think these wedges will make that plan a reality.

Alter Bashment recap

On Saturday, I stopped by Alter Men's store for their Red Stripe event. I stop in the women's store on a weekly basis, but I always forget to venture across the street to the men's store. Lucky for me, this time was totally worth it. They just got in the new sunglass collection from Cheap Monday! SO cute and very cheap at $35 bucks a pop- these wont last very long! The rest of the spring collection is amazing as well- full on men's cheap monday suits for under $300 and plaid button downs for days! For those of you not in NYC, they do ship- check out their blog for more info.

It wasn't meant to be

On a related note to the last post, I missed out on this epic Moschino belt I saw on ebay the other day. I totally forgot to bid and so someone else gets to wear it with a big smile on their face ALL SUMMER.

Summer summer summer time

Update for fellow NY'ers: since McCarren Pool is under construction (to make it an actual pool again), the summer concerts will most likely be held at the East River Park on N 8th and Kent. The park will hold about 6,000 people, with the back drop of the city skyline. This new spot is a definite UPGRADE.
image via The Gowanus Lounge.

Cuff me, I've been a bad, bad girl

Rad cuffs by Dawn Mcklevie.

Wild bunch

I'm so excited about this!! So remember the epic gorilla and babboon dresses from Christopher Kane's Spring 09 show?? They are amazing- that's all you need to know. Anyways, he saw how much of a hit they were and decided to do a silk t-shirt line with four different prints: the gorilla, the chimp, the baboon and the mandrille. They are due out in May and I'm all over the chimp one (pet chimps, however are not a good idea).

thanks Diane


Besides Margiela basically being a fashion genius, he comes up with some of the best jewelry ever. I tried to hunt down this giant arrow necklace to no avail. The image is from the March 07 issue of Italian MarieClaire so it's probably long gone. You can get the arrow ring though on eLuxury, which I'm highly considering right now.

MarieClaire image via Set Your Style

Alter Event- BASHMENT

Three of my faves- Beer, Boys and ALTER!!!!! Tomorrow afternoon Tommy and Roy are hosting an event in the men's store. Girls bring your guys, guys bring your wallets! See you there!

Wet Hot American Summer

The designers behind American Apparel are smart ones- they clearly are watching the fashion blogosphere to deliver the goods we want to see. They're like "hey, girls are diggin this see-through stuff, let's roll with this." I randomly decided to check their awesome coming soon feature and was stoked to see these new mesh pieces. That micro-mesh mini dress drove everyone so crazy (including myself), that these will totally be winners too. Turn up the heat!!

Bring on the reindeer jokes

What a ridiculous idea: wearing giant sleigh bells around your neck? The craziest stuff comes out of Japan's fashion week I swear- this is from Shida Tasuya's fall show. Unsurprisingly, I love the idea of this necklace and it might be a future DIY project. Imagine how many people I can annoy by the bells jingling as I skip around in glee!


Obviously speechless.

There's some hoes in this house

Legs. for. days. You know you want 'em! These Topshop platforms are so killer, especially in white.

Nellie Partow

NY-based Nellie Partow is a designer relatively new to the fashion landscape, but I see this girl going far. Her first collection was for Spring 08, and since then she has been perfecting her vision of effortless, unique pieces that are rooted in timeless beauty. She makes dressing "like a lady" look easy- especially for stubborn girls like myself. Nellie is having a sample sale tomorrow with 70-80% off her Spring and Fall 08 collections (Fall 09 pictured below). Wine will be served!

March 26, 5-9PM
112 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl

I can give you what you want

Each of the 60 girls at the Marc Jacobs show this season had their own unique look...for hair and makeup. I wonder how many cans of hairspray they went through.

image from Go Backstage

Power and Fashion

There's an interesting talk tonight in NYC focusing on fashion's influence on culture and how it shapes identity in the world. New York Times writer Guy Trebay will be joined by Isabel Toledo and Gabi Asfour, designers behind the amazing Threeasfour, to discuss the power of fashion. Eugenia Paulicelli, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature and founder of the Graduate Center's Fashion Studies concentration, will moderate. I really wish I could attend, but I have to do bloody taxes.

Tues, 3/24, 7pm
The CUNY Graduate Center (365 Fifth Avenue at 34th St)
Cost: Free

It's a sweet life

Sweet Life by Dolce Vita, at Urban

Rock Candy

Fallon has designed some of the most interesting bangles I've seen using large bolts, spikes, and stones to make them anything but soft and delicate. I can't pick a favorite—they are all so killer. Find these and other varieties at Barneys.

Black Lightning

I used to draw lightning bolts in my notebooks all the time during highschool. Fast forward to the present day, and I still find them super cool. So obviously I would love to rock this t-shirt by Horace I saw at Oak. The starry background takes it to another level and when you turn around, CURVEBALL! You get stripes too. The hot leather biker pants the model is rocking are by Horace as well.


Gourmet's epi leather sneaks, image via hypebeast


This wedge from United Nude was actually inspired by the straight lines of the Stealth F117 fighter plane. What!? How cool is that? They go on to say it's made for the opposite purpose: "the celebration of life and the sexiness of women." Hallelujah! I would like to celebrate life with you Stealth Wedge!

get em at Asos

Betsy Johnson Archive

Man my head is seriously spinning with all the guest collaborations these days. This is one that I am super stoked about though. To celebrate the 30th birthday of her label, Betsey Johnson went to the drawing board with Opening Ceremony to bring some of the shining moments of her career back to life. The 35-piece capsule collection will feature looks inspired by Betsey's designs, but updated with modern fabrics and accessories. I'm afraid to see the pricetag, but hopefully I will be rocking this gorilla sleeve jacket this fall! EPIC.

Stærk Sample Sale!

Stærk is having a sample sale today and tomorrow with at least 80% off fall 08 and current/past season samples promised, plus some vintage stuff from EMG.

Almost there

OMG, an outfit post! I know, it's a rare thing on this blog. ANYway, the other day it was kind of mild so I opted to build up an outfit in layers of black. I actually snuck some navy blue in there but it's hard to tell from the crappy indoor shot- that's what I like about navy and black though. The coat is Uniqlo which I scooped up pretty cheap last month in their hidden basement sale section. The rest: cardigan, Lux; sheer babydoll dress, F21; cigarette pants, BDG.

The moccasin sandals are my latest shoe purchase which I found at Don The Verb, a tiny vintage shop on Delancey that houses a carefully edited collection of mostly dark and avant-garde designer pieces. The lady that runs the shop informed me they were used for the Don The Verb fall show (they have their own line on the side), which you can see on WWD.

I am now craving a soft pretzel

The Bernhard Willhelm x Camper leather rope sandals have arrived at Opening Ceremony. They aren't cheap but they're made of recycled materials (not pretzels), which almost makes up for it.

Between Good and Evil

The references that inspired Complexgeometries' Fall 09 collection included vigilantes, religious icons, toreadors, and ghostly apparitions. Amazing. Each season, they renew my love and appreciation of neutral jersey and its endless possibilities to transform the silhouette. The styling of the second look is inspiring me to put together something similar with my own pieces. Anyway, check out the rest of the collection here and look out for this stuff at Oak later this year!

Gold n' Cream

I scored these vintage Bally lace-ups (never worn!) from Beacon's in Williamsburg. With soft cream leather, gold braided details and gold flower eyelets, these flats are a perfect compliment to any spring outfit.

It's universal

One of our favorite designers, Claudia Becker, sent me this beautiful universe dress after much hassel on my end. :) I have been waiting for the right occassion to bust it out, and last friday I got the opportunity- I met up with Amanda for the Mishka opening party and Trouble & Bass. Unfortunately the pics from that night are fuzzy at best, so here is my attempt at a quick do-over.

Take a stroll

On the other side of the hemisphere, Melbourne is underway with their 2009 fashion festivities. This look from Life With Bird's Fall 09 show pretty much rocks from head to toe. A lot of Australian labels have this modern beach-meets-street aesthetic I'm really into- I think plastic visors are going to make a comeback this year.

via Coutorture

Dark Night

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I made a rather long pitstop at Loehmann's after work last week. There were a lot of Jill Sander and Pierre Hardy shoes and racks of Helmut Lang that kind of overwhelmed me. I ended up leaving this time around with a pretty amazing black cocktail dress with scales all down the front (more on that another time) and these amazing Proenza Schouler shades that I got for ridiculously cheap. So stoked!! If you plan on making a trip to a Loehmann's in NYC, the one in Chelsea is pretty good.

Oh yeah, and the recent haircut....I'm quite happy with the results (so much so I had to test the "movement" factor).


Some images are starting to trickle in of the Matthew Williamson for H&M range hitting 200 stores April 23! I think I will be waiting in line to get this amazing dress. It's safe to say I like it as much, if not BETTER than the heavenly sequins dress from Williamson's own line that sang to me recently. This is one designer that makes me really excited about color, and that says a lot!

Candy Cane Zebra Stripes

Acne made these amazing striped silk trousers and I'm beyond obsessed. It's been too long since I've purchased or "invested in" dress pants but these wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Stripes do not go out of style!