March 30, 2009

Anonymous Agent

During a recent weekend pow-wow, I chatted it up with my pal Jessica, and learned of her awesome new project called Anonymous Agent. Before even seeing her stuff, I knew I was going to be into it. I mean, it's coming from a girl that says: "Eat your vegetables, ride your bike, hug your parents and be polite. Dress however the hell you want." Her crafty rebellion has led to a growing etsy shop of braided mesh necklaces and bracelets, a leather fringe bag that beats all fringe bags, and some fabulous hooded/vest concoctions you can rock year-round. I have the Zia necklace in black and it's already been put into heavy rotation. You can keep up with AA's daily inspirations and new products on the Anonymous Agent blog, and don't forget to check out the shop!


A La Mode said...

Oooh wow, love it!
Love that saying too haha

amelie said...

Holy crap! That bag! NIIICE

sarah said...

Wow! These are RAD... especially that bag!

dd said...

dont forget to chekc her ETSY shop
happy shopping!!!!!