March 26, 2009

Bring on the reindeer jokes

What a ridiculous idea: wearing giant sleigh bells around your neck? The craziest stuff comes out of Japan's fashion week I swear- this is from Shida Tasuya's fall show. Unsurprisingly, I love the idea of this necklace and it might be a future DIY project. Imagine how many people I can annoy by the bells jingling as I skip around in glee!


A La Mode said...

Wow thats amazing! I wonder if they really jingle, or are they just the bell cases? Looks cool either way xxx

KATLIN said...

I love the way it looks, but would be completely irritated with myself if I wore it.

Amanda said...

haha, i love when fashion is obnoxious though. sometimes it helps to brighten your day...

BEACH 11:29 said...

This is like when you REALLY Make it!!
this is sophisticated Christmas shit haha
i would TOTALLY make and wear this around the winter HOLIDAYs that would be wicked

thanks fot the tip on TOPSHOP
thats awesome ur prob gonna see me running after the truck somewhere in the boroughs haha..i have to check tom bc they didnt post tomorrow locals yet :(