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One of our favorite designers, Claudia Becker, sent me this beautiful universe dress after much hassel on my end. :) I have been waiting for the right occassion to bust it out, and last friday I got the opportunity- I met up with Amanda for the Mishka opening party and Trouble & Bass. Unfortunately the pics from that night are fuzzy at best, so here is my attempt at a quick do-over.


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Mollie said...

I'm so incredibly jealous. I'm a definite astronomy nerd and that dress is AMAZING!

Vintage Tea said...

WOWSA! love it

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gallerydevie said...

~I really love this dress..i try to search in the net for htis designer but cant find any....can you send me some details???

dd said...

She hasn't launched her own line yet, but you can search our blog for other posts about her- Amanda actually found pics of her work on Flickr months ago, and we have been following the progression of her career very closely because she is amazing! keep posted, we will definitely update as soon as we hear any news :):)