Peanut butter jelly time

Remember jellies? Well they are all grown up now. I'm considering a pair for the summer like these white ones from See by Chloe at Barneys.


Anonymous said...

OH My Gosh!!
i totally use to wear these when i was younger
jellies are the shit! im so happy to find someone that actually calls them that
i would buy them from outside the little bodega when i lived in the bronx


awesome post-i would love the see by chloe onces but i'd need a job first tahaha

xx-its been awhile huh??

Amanda said...

yeah i think i had clear sparkly ones when i was little (that got gross from wearing them too much)! good luck with the job hunt..i went through that as well recently, super exhausting.

Lucy in the Sky said...

hey, I just discovered your blog! I freaking love those jellies there! I just bought a pair of Marc Jacobs jelly flats...perhaps a pair of jelly sandals would also be a nice investment. :b