Get out da way

I'm kinda speechless that these are Nine West. Yep, you heard me right! Coutorture got to take a trip to the Nine West showroom to check out the Fall 09 stuff and these babies were part of the presentation. I thought that was a metal platform at first which would be rad, but I think it's part of the floor. I've never owned a pair of over-the-knee boots, so these could be my first come fall.

Crab claws and bottles of rum

I got so excited when I saw this swimsuit on Asos this morning. It's like a rad lace-up sandal reincarnated into a one-piece. I immediately searched around the site and couldn't find it, so I did what any excited consumer would the company. A very nice "customer care advisor" informed me it wouldn't be available until the first week of June. That's fine by me- I need more time to shed off some budweisers anyway!

I'm a rainbow too

The vibe coming off this girl's tank dress is pure sunshine. I like the rasta/primary color mash-up and it makes me want to be on a beach like NOW.

via Super Fantastic Picture Time

Konstantina Mittas Spring '10

It's so much fun checking up on Australian's fashion week every season because I always come across a few collections that come out of nowhere and blow me away. I've never heard of Konstantina Mittas but she is pretty damn amazing, that's for sure. Hailing from Sydney, Konstantina's work is like a breath of fresh air to Australia's fashion landscape- looking like something right out of Berlin's fashion week, rather than the southern hemisphere.

What attracted me to her Spring '10 collection is the attitude oozing out of it- it's like for the girl that knows she's sexy but confident enough to wear whatever the f*ck she wants. That and I LOVE how she used clashing shades of yellow mixed with black, a color combo I've always been a fan of. The Grace Jones hair and gold foil eyes were awesome- props to the stylists.

images via Coutorture and Zimbio

Bring outside in

Living in Brooklyn, I don't get to "connect" with nature all that much, so I think it would be pretty amazing to have a chunk of the outdoors in my living room. These chairs were designed by Italian artist/architect Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia, presented at Milan Design Week 09. I especially love how there's waterfalls flowing over where you sit.

via Designboom

What's new UO?

Thanks for keeping me interested Urban. You make me sleepy from time to time as ALL the fast fashion chains do, but summer is looking pretty rad to me. I'm feeling the tunic/top pieces that are part business as usual, part party town.

Evil Genius

Silence & Noise


Silence & Noise

Gourmet candy

I can't help but think of candy when I look at Acne's collaborative fine jewelry range for fall. I touched on the collaboration back in February, illustrated with a close-up from the Fall 09 presentation. Thanks to Dazed Digital, we're able to ooh and ahh at the full 20 piece collection (below).

Acne's fall collection actually started with the jewelry, after founder Jonny Johansson saw a man in Paris who's hands were completely covered in rings. They ended up collaborating with German jeweler Mikael Zobel in an ornate collection of necklaces, bangles, and rings that are part sci-fi, part gourmet candy. Too bad this is candy that is out of my reach (Browns has a few pieces in store already).

Natural habitat

One of my favorite online stores to window shop is without a doubt LA's Creatures of Comfort. There's so much good stuff in store right now from Acne, Diana Orving, Bernhard Willhelm, VPL...the list goes on and on. They seriously have one of the best edits stateside, especially for Australian and Scandinavian labels. I put together just one of the many summer outfits I'd like to take home with me.

dress and bag, A Detacher; sandals, LD Tuttle for VPL

Stop right there Ms. Hanneli

You are seriously too cool for school. I would like your whole outfit please, and your name too.

In your eyes

Oh what a weekend! It was THE warmest one we've had so far this year in NYC and everyone came out of the cracks to celebrate. I spent part of Saturday sitting in McCarren park with the rest of Williamsburg. I rocked my newly acquired stars & stripes hologram shades- I happen to be a big fan of holograms, so don't pull the irony card on me! The girl with the faux diamond bejeweled "ho fo sho" pimp cup that was sitting near us takes the cake.

top, Zara; shades, dollar(ish) store; shoes, thrifted

From the past

(left, 3.1 Phillip Lim; right, Proenza Schouler)

Tell me this is NOT a coincidence. Two of my favorite looks from spring 09 (above) look like they have a cousin in the form of an 80s scalloped sequin top. After an intense final showdown, I won it on ebay the other night. Fashion fate?

I sort of see a bit of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures in this top too. It's always great to find something vintage that reminds you of awesome things whenever you wear it. Hopefully I will look half as killer as this chick.


I'm so stoked beyond words. After seeing the McQueen/Samsonite ribcage luggage a while back, I melted, but quickly pushed the hope of owning it out of my head when I saw the pricetag. Today I clicked over to the Samsonite by McQueen sale at Gilt Groupe, and there it was in all it's creepy glory- staring me in the face at about 65% off. BOOM, it's mine.

Stomping Safari

It's barely been a month since Topshop opened up stateside and Susie has already got us anticipating their fall drops. I won't bother reposting her labor of love (tons of photos from press day, go look), but I had to point out these Ashish animal print wedges coming to the Top'. Want! I have to agree with Ms. Bubble in that I'm strangely attracted to the zebra ones.

Here they are in action at Ashish's Fall 09 show.

And I thought it was rather fitting...


Oh man, I'm so excited about this sale and thought I would share it with you guys (thanks public personae for the heads up ). I'm supposed to spend saturday with the boyfriend but we are making a pitstop here whether he likes it or not. I recently learned about NY-based SANS through Queen Michelle at KOS, who does a good job of summing up the young label. The fact that their garments are eco friendly was totally an awesome surprise as you don't usually see such unique and provocative concepts mixed with sustainable design. I'm curious to see these cut-out pants in person, and hopefully some of those rad hole socks will be at the sale.

SANS' A/W 2009 collection deserves a mention while I'm on the subject. This range sees an evolution of the unexpected cut-out aesthetic, in the form of massive coats made with organic merino wool and faux fur fit for the arctic circle. These coats are seriously insane.

Is that the Yeti?

Playing for the high one

Between running her label, making music, and touring the globe, Ellen Allien has found time to delight us with a new collection for spring. The main line is sexy and cheeky made from a black python fabric that molds to the body like a glove-do you SEE those pants and that catsuit? Hotness.

She also gives us a more casual side line called QUARTETT made up of jersey dresses and tops featuring black or red prints of the Ace card (in all four suits). The spades tank dress looks like a winner to me.


I was rushing to work yesterday, shoe-gazing my way through Soho to make the commute bareable, and while crossing Houston I saw a flash of electric blue whip past me. I kept swift on her heels (err wedges) to find out where she got them. Turns out they were custom dyed (one of my favorite words in the english language- custom!) and the lady wearing them was Jessica from The Dopeness. Shoe stalking is not a crime.

When it rains it pours

Slow and Steady Wins the Race and Portland's Stand Up Comedy have teamed up for a line of rainwear staples so you don't have to feel style-challenged when the skies open up (the collaboration was inspired by the sh*tty weather in the pacific northwest). Pieces are offered in black, red, and khaki and include waterproof pumps, ponchos, and a waterproof dress with drawstrings (with more additions soon like a potential backpack). My fave item is the Latourell poncho below that would be perfect for what seems like the rainiest April ever here. Come to think of it, my wardrobe lacks any real "fashionable" raingear, unless my spacy silver Tretorn rainboots count. SSWTR/SUC will also be carried at Opening Ceremony (both locations)- YAY!


Hey So Cal dudes and dudettes: don't miss this sale! One of my fave stores out there, New High (M)art, is hosting a sample sale this weekend with Alex & Chloe, Costume Dept., and Grey Ant. Plus, goods inside their store will be 10-50% off both days. I'd so be there if I wasn't, uh, on the other side of the country.

Summer's gonna hurt you

There's some new editions over at Pixie Market- including some of the most perfect dresses from Barcelona-based designer Martin Lamothe

I'm contemplating making this mesh granite dress mine.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Check out some of the new styles from one of my favorite British shoe designers, Nicholas Kirkwood. Swarovski crystal, lace, and pearls, oh my! What else can a girl ask for? (besides the obvious)

You can stalk his spring/summer 09 line at my heaven on earth, Seven New York.

Starry Night

SF boutique Anica, who I've mentioned before, has added their own in-house line to the roster of talent in the store. So far there are just two items, including this velour tank dress in the most gorgeous shades of blue. I'll go so far as to say it's dreamy.