buffalo love

So I just got a text from Mama Dirty informing me that i am indeed one of the judges for the Buffalo State Student fashion show!!! For all of you that don't know, growing up in several feet of snow, with disappointing sports teams breeds a special kind of pride that makes your heart swell just thinking about it. No matter how many miles away I am, that love never fades. I am beyond excited- fellow WNY'ers Mara Hoffman and Adam Lippes will also be showing during this event and Fashion Indie blogger Corey Moran will be in the front row with me as well. If you live in Western NY you should definitely come out and support WNY fashion at it's best, but get your tickets soon, I hear they are selling fast! There's more info availiable at www.runway2.org.

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Leila said...

Wait! Really?!

That's awesome! Are you from the North Country?

dd said...

yes, born in PA and raised in Buffalo :)

Abbycakes said...

We are happy to have you! Love, Sweet'n'Dirty