Garbage Pail Potluck!

Get inspired! I threw a Garbage Pail Kids themed potluck with fellow blogger and co-creator of Manslaughter for Mishka, Mad Marietta. Sylvia was Ill Syl and Carrie was Intensive Carrie! Mad Marietta Machete made her own cutlery necklace she also sells. I ended up Polly Pukesalot.

After spending some $$$ on Jeffery Campbell's lace-up shoes and Look From London Hosiery, I decided not to spend a dime on the rest of my outfit! I used a garbage bag, Mishka eyeball pins, vintage ruler suspenders, and blue ribbon off some gift. Makeup: lashes, green body paint, coffee grinds and glitter.

New York needs more themed parties! You guys have any good ideas? We will host!

Nicky Digital took pics here and made sushi with his rad girlfriend, Mikaela!


rackkandruin said...

that is such a freakin great theme!! looks like everyone got into the theme (which is key when it comes to theme parties!!)

amythewolf said...

that's dope - everyone looks sick- i love those shoes by jef cam

susanita said...


Raquel said...

uhm, is that insanely wide fringe used as a curtain? details, please!