Gourmet candy

I can't help but think of candy when I look at Acne's collaborative fine jewelry range for fall. I touched on the collaboration back in February, illustrated with a close-up from the Fall 09 presentation. Thanks to Dazed Digital, we're able to ooh and ahh at the full 20 piece collection (below).

Acne's fall collection actually started with the jewelry, after founder Jonny Johansson saw a man in Paris who's hands were completely covered in rings. They ended up collaborating with German jeweler Mikael Zobel in an ornate collection of necklaces, bangles, and rings that are part sci-fi, part gourmet candy. Too bad this is candy that is out of my reach (Browns has a few pieces in store already).


robyn said...

the jewelry is pretty cool! i really like the one that resembles a fingernail.

but i'm drooling over that skirt/dress and shoes that the model is wearing ! i wonder if it's difficult to sew plastic onto the hem of a skirt.

laia. said...


ggshoe said...

WOW! Love all those rings specially the one with the cube.
Thanks for sharing!

alex said...

knockoffs soon to come im sure-