April 14, 2009

Life language

Acne has some new stuff up in their shop and I'm really attracted to some of the printed pieces. Acne is always a genius at balancing just the right amount of femininity with understated style.


Daria said...

I love acne so much,
that second look is so perfect.
the t-shirt is so amazing

Sarah A. said...

their prices are just so disappointing.

Amanda said...

i know, it's the one thing that has kept me from purchasing anything (although certain shoes/denim might be worth it)

sharon said...

if i could afford anything they make..i'd go crazy..they always make the most perfect garments. like those sheer striped pants..genius.

Teenage Dirtbag said...

I adore the second look.


Nature Grafitti said...

i adore acne
every single piece of theirs is phenomenal
i especially love the first dress!

p.s. care to trade links?

burnthesebones said...

um...i did some freelance PR for them and know the collections by heart and I have yet to own any Acne. epic fail.

the prices =(

Georgie said said...

Good pieces, Bad prices :-(