April 13, 2009

My kind's your kind

Spending the weekend in Baltimore for Easter, I opted for a saturday night of SNL and movies so I felt relaxed the next day for family time. The musical guest on SNL was yeah yeah yeahs, and I was stoked to see what Karen O would wear. I have to agree with White Lightning in that I'm an avid fan of hers- she can pull off almost ANYthing. Her stylist/costume designer Christian Joy, who I've talked about before, is seriously a genius. She made this insane leather jacket with zip-reveal shoulders that Karen wore for the first song, Zero (and also on the cover of the March Spin (but backwards).

For the second number, Maps, Karen rocked this patriotic one-piece with some crazy tube detailing. The matching blue eyes and red lips looked awesome on her.

If you want to see the performances, both videos are here.


Sarah A. said...

I actually own a Christian Joy dress and those pieces are seriously SO well made - which may be sort of surprising considering how intricate they are, as well. Karen O is a genius.

sharon said...

oh god karen o. i'd go gay for her.

Teenage Dirtbag said...

I loved her performances


Susie Bubble said...

Wish Joy would remake versions of Karen O's outfits for the masses.... as much as I love her mainline I love Karen O's outfits more!

Amanda said...

i couldn't agree with you more susie!

Kitsch said...

love her! i wish i could pull of the things she wears. she is amazing!