Playing for the high one

Between running her label, making music, and touring the globe, Ellen Allien has found time to delight us with a new collection for spring. The main line is sexy and cheeky made from a black python fabric that molds to the body like a glove-do you SEE those pants and that catsuit? Hotness.

She also gives us a more casual side line called QUARTETT made up of jersey dresses and tops featuring black or red prints of the Ace card (in all four suits). The spades tank dress looks like a winner to me.


Nice and Shiny said...

HA! That tank is like the t-shirt Romy wears in one scene of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.... freakin love that shirt! And the movie ;)


amelie said...

Can that woman do anything wrong? It seems like all she does is just gorgeous!

Loraine said...

i LIKE this :D the Aces look wonderful.